Penury City Vol III: The Zealots Return


The tale of Penury City began when Light of Gabriel took us on a tour of a world gone wrong, a world without the goodness of God. We accompany our two mismatched heroes on an adventure into the unknown, journeying towards the mythical Golden City.

The journey continued in Ire of the Shekel, when our adventurers pursue the promise given by the lady Maria. Saul is trained in the methods of the Way as he journeys through the cantons just outside the Golden City. As the evil Shekel closes in on our adventurers, the second novel ends with our doctor, Saul, at the cliff’s edge, contemplating his faith and all that he believes.

The third volume, The Zealots Return, brings about the conclusion of Saul’s adventure. Will the last remnant of the Carroll Zealots finally succumb to a world that has no need of its Creator? After facing the suffering of the One King, Saul joins the final battle with his unique gifts, which put him in the depths of the fight. Only total devotion and trust in the Way can win against the evil they must face.

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Publication Date 06/01/2021
Language English
ISBN 978-1-955383-06-6
Category Religion & Spirituality


Pages 189




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