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The story of Penury City begins with Light of Gabriel.

From the original 30 pieces of silver paid to betray the One King, a single ancient coin survives destruction. This cursed shekel, bent on the annihilation of God’s people, seeks to lay its final web of deceit to claim victory over Earth. It’s the year 2054, all references to God and faith have been removed from public life. Society sinks into the depths of narcissism, hatred, and paranoia. All seems lost when the last defending Christian army is killed by government forces.

Yet, still there is hope –
the Zealots had created a sophisticated tunnel system, providing an escape route to a rumored golden city built on faith and freedom. A curious light guides several strangers on a journey of faith and hope, as they search for the promise of freedom.

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The story of Penury City continues with Ire of the Shekel.

The adventure had just begun with Light of Gabriel, the first volume of Penury City. In a world that has fallen far from the paradise in which it began, the last of the faithful struggle to hold on to a thread of hope in which they might live there once again.

And so the journey to Penury City continues as Dr. Saul Kriesh and First Lieutenant George Lyndon lead their group on an expedition searching for the rumored golden city, where the promise of freedom convinced them to leave behind everything. The evil Shekel hounds their every move in an attempt to stamp out these people of faith and hope.

As these faithful freedom seekers near the city, they don’t realize they are leading the Shekel and its forces to the very place they had longed to escape. Bent on fear and destruction, the rage of the Shekel burns through the Zealot’s tunnels in pursuit of the last hope for mankind.

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The story of Penury City continues with The Zealots Return.

The tale of Penury City began when Light of Gabriel took us on a tour of a world gone wrong, a world without the goodness of God. We accompany our two mismatched heroes on an adventure into the unknown, journeying towards the mythical Golden City.

The journey continued in Ire of the Shekel, when our adventurers pursue the promise given by the lady Maria. Saul is trained in the methods of the Way as he journeys through the cantons just outside the Golden City. As the evil Shekel closes in on our adventurers, the second novel ends with our doctor, Saul, at the cliff’s edge, contemplating his faith and all that he believes.

The third volume, The Zealots Return, brings about the conclusion of Saul’s adventure. Will the last remnant of the Carroll Zealots finally succumb to a world that has no need of its Creator? After facing the suffering of the One King, Saul joins the final battle with his unique gifts, which put him in the depths of the fight. Only total devotion and trust in the Way can win against the evil they must face.

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The Peshar – a great companion book for the Penury City trilogy.

Penury City: The Peshar

The Peshar (The Interpretation) is the companion book for the entire Penury City trilogy. It goes deeper into the theology, the symbolism, and gives the explanations that may have been missed in the series.

The Peshar also tells of thomas e’s own journey in writing the Penury City trilogy as well as his reason for creating this great adventure.

If you haven’t read the series yet, this book is a great companion to have alongside as you start the adventure together with the author. And if you have read the trilogy, why not read it again with this great addition to your library? Fall in love with the story all over again. You might even come across new ideas, theological concepts or dare say, even Divine inspirations you might have missed the first time around.

Come, walk with thomas on this narrow path; it leads to a great adventure called Penury City!

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