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Melissa Vera, host of Chats from the Blog Cabin, chats with Thomas Nastek about the new Penury City Trilogy as well as seeking Divine guidance in our world today. You don’t want to miss this terrific discussion!

Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast

Pastor Robert Thibodeau welcomes Thomas Nastek on the Kingdom Cross Roads podcast to talk about the new Penury City Trilogy.

Join us in this great conversation about living in the Divine life in today’s climate. The energetic Pastor Bob is an incredibly charitable person who has helped others in the Christian life.

Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast

Episode 1

Episode 2

CMN Event comes to a close

Great time at the Catholic Marketing Network event!

As the CMN event comes to a close, thomas e explains the adventure of Penury City. It is the latest Catholic fiction work from the author.

“Mostly, I felt as though I was just the typist delivering God’s message that He is with us. The living God of the Bible is not some entity that lived long ago, in a land far, far away, but He is here – today – in the present! He waits for us to talk with Him; to listen to Him. Since the beginning, from Adam and Eve, through Noah, Moses and the prophets of old as well as the Apostles and Disciples in the New Testament, God has spoken to us. Jesus taught Paul in the desert for three years! How did He do that? Was it in Paul’s mind? Was Jesus really there with him?

God talks with us today

“God talks to us today as well. He is always constant. We are the ones who change. What He did in the Old and New Testaments, God also does today. It’s just that today we are so distracted. We have our technology, our gadgets, our earbuds, our science, and our degrees. I think sometimes today we feel we are too sophisticated for God. We need to re-evaluate our lives; to stop for a moment. If we can keep quiet for just a minute, He will be there. And in that silence, we will hear Him. God longs to talk with us. He delights in us. God created us to receive love and to give love. However, if we don’t receive His love – what is there left for us to give away?

“Penury City reminds us that God is with us. God is now. Living in the Kingdom of God doesn’t mean we must wait until death. We can live in the Divine life right now. We too can walk again with God in the cool of the evening. When was the last time we took a stroll with our Father?”

“We too can walk again with God in the cool of the evening.”

thomas e

And though the CMN event comes to a close …

The adventure of Penury City endures. It awaits you to come and find out for yourselves the message for our day.

Penury City Trilogy
Penury City Trilogy

The Adventure of Penury City is coming to Chicago July 27-29!

July 27-29 at the Catholic Marketing Network Conference and Trade show

Wounded Crow Publishing will present Thomas E, author of the Penury City Trilogy.

catholic marketing network conference

Penury City: The Peshar

Thomas E, author of the Penury City Trilogy, will be signing books and giving away this Penury City companion book titled:

The Peshar (The Interpretation).

The Penury City Trilogy is a new Catholic fiction novel series. It promises to be a book for our times – of our times. “In this trilogy, we not only have our eyes opened to what is going on in the world today, but also what we can expect in the next two or three decades. The backbone of his [Thomas’s] plot is based on a vision of the beginning of the End Days.”

If you haven’t read the series yet, the Peshar is a great companion to have alongside as you start the journey together with the author. Fall in love with the story that takes you on the adventure of a lifetime.

Thomas E is no stranger to ChiTown. Growing up and living in the Chicago area, he spent the first 32 years of his life eating deep dish pizza and taking in Lake Shore Drive. Though, he may no longer have that pronounced Chicago accent, you can still hear remnants of it from time to time. However, don’t take our word for it. Come to the Catholic Marketing Network Conference and hear for yourself! Find out why Penury City is being hailed as a must-read-book for the trying times of Christians today.

Come, walk with Thomas on this narrow path; it leads to a great adventure called Penury City!

The WCP Booth location #210 – right at the entrance!!