Penury City Vol 1: Light of Gabriel


An atheist living in the new modern world, Dr. Saul Kriesh is trapped in an agonizing job. His wife leaves him to search for a fabled religious city where freedom and hope prevail. Saul leaves everything behind to chase after the only light left in his darkened life. As he begins the journey, he meets a Catholic nun who enlightens him about God. Saul begins to hear the narrative of faith in a new way. While he is trying to reconcile his past with God, he is left with the decision of his life. Either he must make one single, life or death act of faith, or be forever without God. While all this is happening, the mythical golden city is threatened by the very socialist society from which Saul is escaping. His life, his salvation, and the city all await his decision.

Written under the guise of fiction, the plot takes on the major issues of today – abortion, addiction, control, gaming, pornography, socialism, torture, and faithlessness. The story finds heroes in unlikely places who struggle internally with their conscience while facing tremendous cultural pressure and government control. With help coming from mysterious characters, our heroes journey towards a new world with the promise of hope, faith, and freedom.

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Publication Date 6/1/2021
Language English
ISBN 978-1-955383-04-2
Category Religion & Spirituality


Pages 250


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