Penury City Trilogy eBook


Penury City is not just a book for our times, it is a book of our times. It is the adventure promised by our fathers. It is the chance for the ultimate goal – to finally answer the question that has been burning in you for some time now: “God, are you there?”

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Penury City Trilogy eBookThe Peshar - The Companion eBook for the Penury City Trilogy eBook collection


Publication Date 6/1/2021
Language English
Category Religion & Spirituality
eBook: EPUB

Penury City Volume 1: Light of Gabriel $12.99$11.69
ISBN 978-1-955383-04-2
Pages 250

Penury City Volume 2: Ire of the Shekel  $12.99  $11.69
ISBN 978-1-955383-05-9
Pages 208

Penury City Volume 3: The Zealots Return  $12.99  $11.69
ISBN 978-1-955383-06-6
Pages 189

Penury City Companion: The Peshar  – $12.99 FREE
ISBN 978-1-955383-07-3
Pages 207


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