Penury City Vol II: Ire of the Shekel


The adventure had just begun with Light of Gabriel, the first volume of Penury City. In a world that has fallen far from the paradise in which it began, the last of the faithful struggle to hold on to a thread of hope in which they might live there once again.

And so the journey to Penury City continues as Dr. Saul Kriesh and First Lieutenant George Lyndon lead their group on an expedition searching for the rumored golden city, where the promise of freedom convinced them to leave behind everything. The evil Shekel hounds their every move in an attempt to stamp out these people of faith and hope.

As these faithful freedom seekers near the city, they don’t realize they are leading the Shekel and its forces to the very place they had longed to escape to. Bent on fear and destruction, the rage of the Shekel burns through the Zealot’s tunnels in pursuit of the last hope for mankind.

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Publication Date 6/1/2021
Language English
ISBN 978-1-955383-05-9
Category Religion & Spirituality


Pages 208


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